Odd Complex

by odd-o-matic

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released October 31, 2016

recorded & mixed by Odd-o-Matic during 2015
audio sample in 'Roman Hands, Russian Fingers'
from SCANNERS 1981 (c) whoever (check the movie out, it's great)
All lyrics by Xen except 'The Roustabouts' lyrics by Xen/gPot
All music by Odd-o-Matic (c)2016



all rights reserved


odd-o-matic Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Roman Hands, Russian Fingers
Years go by and I always seem to make the same mistake
because every time it seems someone throws a wrench in the works.
But machines never die, we're put on stand-by. Always prepared for blood shed. Be aware, when we're repaired, you're our first target (be scared) and we're coming for your head.

For I am a tool
weapon of mass destruction, incapable of rational views

Roman Hands, Russian Fingers

C'mere baby, have I got something for you.
My libido's solar powered, backed-up by rocket fuel
Add in a few drinks, my comments start to get crude.
Probably from the obvious lack of food consumed, or the head rush I'm getting from your perfume.
Let's go back to my place, let's both get nude.
You look like a lonely bolt that needs a screw.
Pink will turn black & blue by the time I'm thru with you,
Number two, a clue of what we're going to do next,
gonna shit on you while we having butt sex.

the whore I am from the old school
masturbates with defecation and covers my partners in puke.

Roman Hands, Russian Fingers
Track Name: Though Process of Elimination
Persuaded, A swinging watch puts me to sleep
in an attempt to breach my deepest memories, but
I've made it impossible to read, security blankets and armor on to
protect me from all the hatred and animosity.
Seems there's people who'd rather see me suffering.
Creative, more than most will be. Tree bleeding from the roots stems and seeds of jealousy.

Jaded, nothing's new or cool to me. It's either boring or lacking originality.
But they play it, ad nauseum monotony, dulling the art form by over saturating.
I've weighed it, options presented to me, seems what the world needs is some therapy.
As it faded, it sang a song to me. Worded so perfectly, enchanting melody

Debated, so good at arguing, not until we get what we want will we ever be happy.
So say it, what we're all thinking, if you have more dollars than sense will soon be someone else's money.
Interrogated, unnecessary questioning, your dramatic effects are no longer intimidating.
They've raided, stole my identity. Another version of me, initiate anarchy.
Track Name: Respect Yourself Destruction
If it's fixed don't break it.
Is that how you say it?
Demons repossessed my body, said I was late on a payment.
Thinking I'm delinquent, making a stink for no reason.
Scream all you want you blasphemous heathens,
man can be destroyed, but never is he beaten.
So run rabbit, run. The outside world isn't safe.
You shouldn't have shown your face.
Home you've made will soon be your grave.
Televisions are haunting, 'cause life is stressful and daunting
Glassy eyes, Electric Lungs, and a PC to keep the blood pumpin'
Isn't that something, words matched with melodic rhythm,
methodically written to try to free your mind from it's prison
but it won't listen to warnings I've given.
Face it, one line left to make a profound statement
look both ways or become a stain on the pavement.
Brain's degraded, pain isn't alleviated.
Arrangements made by an insane man,
lurking in your basement.
Track Name: Vertigopher
underhead or overneath,
living your dream, you never need sleep
amputee rabbit; good luck charm
gave you a hand, you want the whole arm

What I expect is never what I've earned
promised me paradise, get a pit where I burn
I'll never learn. Waiting my turn to have my heart broken by her
take comfort knowing I'm going...

Do unto others as they've done unto you
white flag is blood red, cyanide blue.
Dig for deeper meaning, didn't find it
Load up your guns, become open-minded.

Is this payback for all the feelings I've hurt?
Caused trouble for her since I set foot on Earth
For what it's worth, sticks and stones can hurt way worse than words
eaten crow, humble pie, now where's my just desserts?

What I expect is never what I've earned,
promise me paradise, get a pit where I burn.
Shit could be worse compared to one more day here on Earth.
Take comfort knowing I'm going below the dirt.
Track Name: Angel Lust
Invisible hand contains three eyes.
Fingernails are skin petrified
Knuckle; bone & muscle hinge
Bleeding out from the wrist
The facts are weak compared to your strong opinions.
Why should we ask for permission if we can ask for forgiveness?
The need to believe in something that never was.
All the while seek relief from this case of angel lust.
Besides you're just..

A tortured piece of flesh.
gratifying every impulse

What a shame, burdened to live up to a name
and every time something goes wrong
it seems you're the one they blame.
You see, we need more proof to prove you were really there,
just a swab of your cheek or some strands of your hair.
Your story's so old, science has evolved and
someones gotta pay for all the trouble you've caused.
Track Name: Stuck In My Headache
Made a detour along the human race
To spite my nose, I'll cut off my face
A subtraction addict, who divides his times
between arrhythmias and B flat-lined, seized

Spilled milk on an open wound
half-wit staring at full moon
virtual symptoms to which I've succumbed
hypochondriac I have become

gets what it wants
I won't be fooled twice
but have heard the third time's a charm

Outsomnia leaving innerspace
write down my thoughts and rip up the page
a contraction added, both excess and wise
guilty eyes seen at the scene of a crime, freeze.
Track Name: The Roustabouts
My thoughts more random than lottery numbers drawn,
drawing conclusions to things I've got no knowledge or opinion on
but it's all because, all I've known is music and drugs
or how to rob liquor stores without the use of guns.
To construct phrases that fit into spaces provided
to run my mouth off until I can't seem to find it
silenced only by sleep, guilty of blasphemy,
only by you, I don't believe in things I can't touch or see

We're not causing trouble, not yet so relax
We're like Joe Friday, cause all we want are the facts
We're just looking for the truth, no need to be bully
It's out there, we're hunting it down like Mulder and Scully

seek and ye shall find it.

( gPot )
Is there no integrity in this market for perception?
It's factual authenticity now a matter of perspective?
The first amendment, I defend it, but the price is high
Masteminds ignite thought crimes by perpetrating lies.
I can see that some believe completely in their own rhetoric
Don't we grieve when we perceive they have made our world hectic?
I maintain you must explain how you came to this conclusion.
Acid rain dissolves our brains as we search for the solution.

My pulse is racing,
my heartbeat's erratic
as unstable as an acid
when a base is added.
clinging on like static
soon find myself in a room that's padded
present a review,
presume I won't remember what happened

We're not causing trouble, not yet so relax
we're like Joe Friday, all we want are the facts
we're just looking for the truth, no need to be bully
it's out there, we're hunting it down like Mulder & Scully
like a stenographer, I hope you catch what we're saying
drilling it in your head, you'll be singing this chorus all day
now we're up to no good, just like Dennis the Menace
Starting riots as soon as the set gets finished.