.​.​.​all I taste is blood

by odd-o-matic

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a non-traditional metal/hip-hop song that will have you screaming along in no time.


I have this disorder, some would call it a disease, seems every time I eat.
..all I taste is blood.
So hungry, but Vikter's afraid to eat, anything masticated by my teeth..
..all I taste is blood.
Could be cheese and macaroni, or filet mignon but the flavor's gone..
..all I taste is blood.
Before I goes to sleep, after I brush my teeth, swish in some Listerine..
...all I taste is blood.
I've heard to Cannibal Corpse, White Zombie, Feast for Flesh am I possessed?.. ..all I taste is blood.
Water comes out of the sink, but when I go to take a drink, guess what?
...all I taste is blood.
Now I know I run my mouth off a bit too much but never been punched so hard that.. all I taste is blood.
Design a brand of clothes with broken noses as logos and call it..
..all I taste is blood.
all I say is fu*k..
it's a trap, that's why they say you "fall in love"
I did it once through my own ignorance
thought my chaotic life could use some balance
brought by the opposite sex.
but when she wouldn't shut her mouth or open her legs
I figured it's about time for my escape.

Something wrong chemically, or a deficiency, I don't know but..
..all I taste is blood.
Every potato chip tastes like I bit my cheek Wavy Lay's or Doritos nacho cheese... all I taste is blood.
Call House MD, I'm sure Hugh Laurie could diagnose me in an hour of dramatic TV.. all I taste is blood.
They said I can't say fu*k, I'll try to bit my tongue. Well sh*t, go figure..
..all I taste is blood.
all I say is fu*k
.. it's a trap, that's why they say you "fall in love".
That ungrateful cu*t never said thank you once,
didn't deserve a man of my many talents.
It's safe to presume it's over when that person walks into the room
and you'd rather be huffing exaust fumes or empything the barrel of a gun. Your options: suicide or murder in the first degree. it's win/win seeing that either one will set you free.

The taste in his mouth he was talking about
was a monster clawing, tearing it's way out.
He saw the signs, changes were taking place.
Until he cleared his mind, and wiped the look off his face.
If you catch my drift.


released 05 May 2012
contains a sample from Stephen King's "IT".



all rights reserved


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